Tinghuset. Edel Jensvoll og Øyvind Eliassen har samlet på ting siden de møtte hverandre for rundt tredve år siden. De bor i et stort og forunderlig hus som er både et hjem og et museum for alle gjenstandene. Med inspirasjon fra Nowness-serien "In Residence" har jeg tittet inn i deres verden og fått et glimt av deres filosofi og lidenskap for ting.

Regi: Ole Magnus Kinapel
Lydmix: Svein-Ketil Bjøntegård
Musikk: Daniel Beja


Danny. Kortdokumentar om sexarbeid i Oslo. Dokumentaren er produsert av PION - De Prostituertes Interesseorganisasjon i Norge og er en del av et europeisk filmprosjekt, initiert av ICRSE - The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe. Filmprosjektet tar sikte på å løfte fram migranters egne stemmer gjennom deres fortellinger om livet som sexarbeidere i Europa. Filmen har vises på Snapfest i Paris i november og i Brussel i desember.

Regissert av Ole Magnus Kinapel
Produsert av Astrid Renland
Koordinert av Jean Jacobsen & Monica Cleff
Musikk av Ivar Winther
Lydetterarbeid av Svein Ketil Bjøntegård
Laget i samarbeid med ICRSE

Neil Harbisson sees in grey scale, but has an antenna mounted in the back of his head that lets him hear the sound of colours. Each colour has a tone and each tone has a colour. Together with makeup-artist Livinger Echo I invited Neil to come and do a performance in our gallery Kollektiv, in Oslo and this is how it turned out.

Directed by Ole Magnus Kinapel
Makeup by Livinger Echo
Cinematography by Simen Øvergaard and Jonas Meek
Makeup assistent: Jorunn Askeland
Model Norway: Ingeborg Tysse
US: Kristian Aalen Berg
Gambia: Henriette Fjell
Music by Podington Bear


A documentary project that reflects on how it is to be HIV-positive today. For many, the difficulties with being positive is about relations to other people. Through interviews with HIV-positive people I investigated if shame is still associated with HIV. This was a contribution to "Shameless", an exhibition about sexuality held in 2012. In 2013 I wrote an article based on the interviews that was published in the Norwegian magazine Rus & Samfunn. 



The name Yemanja is a contraction of the Yoruba words "Yeye omo eja", which means "Mother whose children are like fish." In Yoruba mythology Yemanja is the spirit of woman, especially pregnant woman, and the ocean.

I met Marcos for the first time back in 2008. He was living in a little apartment in the middle of Paris, filled with huge beautiful rustic sculptures. To get them out of the four story building they had to be taken out through the window with a crane. Marcos has been working on Yemanja for the last two years with the goal of an exhibition during 2016. She is a three meter tall construction of wire, rope, glue and iron, that weighs about 130 kilos.

Artist Marcos Cei
Music by Sementera
Directed by Ole Magnus Kinapel

July 22nd
A film about people's reactions to the Norway attacs in July 2011. The purpose is to show how people were affected in different ways by what happened.