UTOPIA | An exhibition about people at the Roskilde Festival. Exhibition at Fotografiens hus in Oslo from the 2nd to the 26th of October 2014. Click here for facebook event #roskilde #gullsnitt #fotografienshus


A documentary project that reflects on how it is to be HIV-positive today. For many, the difficulties with being positive is about relations to other people. Through interviews with HIV-positive people I investigated if shame is still associated with HIV. This was a contribution to "Shameless", an exhibition about sexuality held in 2012. In 2013 I wrote an article based on the interviews that was published in the Norwegian magazine Rus & Samfunn.

Overdose Awareness Day
The 31th of August The Association for Humane Drug Policies in Norway held an event to mark the global overdose awareness day. Just outside the Parliament in Oslo. The Association for Humane Drug Policies is a drug users union , member of INPUD International Network of People Using Drugs. The associations leader Arild Knutsen and scientist Philipp Lobmaier speaks in this video. This video is among many that I've done for Arild and the organization over the last years. Based on a video we did, interviewing drug users about what to do to prevent overdozes, I wrote an article for Rus&Samfunn that got published in 2013. More work on similar topics below.


July 22nd
A film about people's reactions to the Norway attacs in July 2011. The purpose is to show how people were affected in different ways by what happened.